About Joseph Donchez

Guided by a successful background in sales, Joseph Donchez has established a flourishing career across more than 20 years in corporate business transactions for systems and services. Today, Joseph Donchez functions as a Senior Sales Executive in the Industry Solutions Group, part of the IBM Software Group.

Industry Solutions focuses on IBM’s new Smarter Commerce approach to working with customers. Joseph Donchez utilizes his experience in software sales expertly as a part of the Smarter Commerce method. Smarter Commerce was established to support four main principles: value chain strategy, core business solutions, workload-optimized systems, and advanced analytics. This innovative approach to representing accounts in industrial, communications, and financial sectors enhances the overall worth companies may produce for their customers, partners, and shareholders across a fleeting world of digital technology. In this regard, Joseph Donchez functions to make the customer the central priority, ensuring that he and the client are both engaged in all decisions and actions.

Prior to accepting his current job, Joseph Donchez held several prominent sales and sales management positions for a variety of other computer software-based companies. Most recently, Joseph Donchez worked as a Senior Division Sales Specialist for EMC Software, where he oversaw the New York/New Jersey Division, administering high-tech internal cloud computing foundations to valuable enterprise, vertical, and global market sectors. Additionally, Joseph Donchez has served as Regional Sales Manager at Axios Systems plc, Regional Sales Director at BEA Systems (now part of Oracle), and Regional Manager at Informatica Corporation.

Joseph Donchez graduated from the University of Delaware, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Throughout his years in college, his commitment to academics was rewarded with an appearance on the Dean’s List on multiple occasions. Later in his career, Joseph Donchez participated in executive business training in human relations, sales, and leadership by fulfilling advanced coursework at BayGroup International, Dechert LLP, the Forum Group, and J. Farrington Consulting.

Outside of the professional realm, Joseph Donchez interacts with his community through a variety of organizations like the Central Buck High School East Cheerleading Booster Club and Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. Joseph Donchez has also donated to several charities such as the Salvation Army, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.